The Advetures of Jadon and Kalina

The Advetures of Jadon and Kalina

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Jadon's 12th Birthday

Jadon turned 12 on November 6. Unfortunately, it was not his best birthday ever.

The day did not start well. Jadon needed lots of suctioning during the night, unusual for him. He ended up sleeping with his CPAP and propped on three pillows. He woke not feeling great, due partially to the lack to sleep, but he really wanted to go to school. I got a message around 10:15 AM from Masumi saying he was not feeling great. Jadon really wanted to make it to lunch, when the decorating committee decorates your desk. I agreed to get him at 12:15 PM, just after lunch started. He was happy he made it to lunch and he loved his desk decorations made by his classmates, all Star Wars themed.

When we got home from school, I had a surprise waiting for Jadon. A friend helped create the perfect birthday cake for Jadon. I made the cake and she did the decorating. Jadon was very surprised and he loved it, well, to look at it, not eat it. We had a quiet birthday evening. We decided to put off the special birthday dinner until Jadon was feeling better.

Jadon stayed home from school the next day. He felt a little better but still not 100%. I talked to his doctor and he started antibiotics, to try to keep him from getting worse.

The next day was Saturday. Jadon woke feeling better but Kalina was now sick. Kalina was worse than Jadon was. She needed lots of suctioning and her oxygen levels were low. We spent the day snuggled on the couch with CPAP and oxygen. We missed Jadon’s party.

Jadon had a cosmic bowling party. He and his friends had fun. After the party, Andy took Jadon and two friends to see Big Hero 6 at the theater. Then they went to Red Robin for dinner. Jadon’s good friend Matthew spent the night. They had fun being crazy.

Despite the illnesses, I think Jadon would say he had a pretty good birthday.

Birthday Boy!
12 years old!
Birthday surprise.
Awesome cake!
Not feeling so great. 
Birthday party.
Birthday party cake.

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  1. Glad he was able to enjoy his party! Can't believe he's already 12! Time goes by too fast.