The Advetures of Jadon and Kalina

The Advetures of Jadon and Kalina

Friday, July 31, 2015

Vancouver - October 2014

The week after Kalina’s birthday, Andy attended a conference in Vancouver, Canada.  We decided to drive to Vancouver on Friday and spend the weekend there.

I got Jadon and Kalina a little early from school and we headed north.  The drive was not bad except there was heavy traffic once we crossed the border.  We expected the drive to take about 2 hours and 45 minutes but it lasted 5 hours.  At least Jadon and Kalian were good company on the way there.  We were starving when we finally arrived and enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner. 

We spent Saturday exploring Vancouver.  We had not been there for a few years.  We went to Granville Island and walked around Stanley Park.   Kalina got to spend a little time in the pool in the afternoon and she loved it, like usual.  We walked to dinner and enjoyed the n ice views while we ate. 

Andy went for a run in Stanley Park Sunday morning.  Then we walked to a nice little place near our hotel for breakfast.  We drove through more of Stanley Park on our way out of town.  We stopped for lunch in Bellingham, WA.   

It was a short trip but we had a good time. 
Saturday breakfast (Kalina brought some friends with her).

Granville Island.

Jadon by the pool.

Pool buddies.

We found yummy gelato on our walk.

Our walk to dinner.
One silly dinner companion.
Another silly dinner companion.
Sunday snack.
Nice view.
Back in the US for lunch.

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