The Advetures of Jadon and Kalina

The Advetures of Jadon and Kalina

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kalina - First Grade

Kalina had a fabulous first grade year with Mrs. Hadreas.  The transition to full day school was no problem for her.  Peggy was with her again as her nurse.  It was their fifth year together – what a gift!

Kalina learned a lot this year.  She discovered Magic Tree house books and enjoys reading them and learning from them.  Kalina is a very creative writer.  We always enjoy reading her stories.  Mrs. Charouhas, Jadon’s third grade teacher, predicted Kalina would become a great writer and I think she may have been correct.  Kalina thinks math is pretty fun and she had no problem picking up new concepts.  Mrs. Hadreas did a great job of incorporating science and social studies in the class and Kalina always looks forward to those lessons.

This was Kalina’s first year of having music and PE.  She loved them both, just like Jadon.   Library was not a favorite.   It was a little too disorganized for her liking. 

Kalina has a kind heart and she really took it upon herself to help others in her class.   She liked making new friends and playing with her friends at recess.  Visiting the student store was another favorite activity.

Kalina was also very interested in the Sister School project.  She was excited to finally be able to go, as a student, to all the assemblies this year.  She loved the Dolphin Dash and the field trips to Remlinger Farms and the aquarium were lots of fun. 

Buying milk at lunch was great.  She tried buying some lunches but decided lunches from home are better. 

Once asked how Kalina was doing socially in class, Mrs. Hadreas responded that Kalina could run the class.  She is definitely not as shy as Jadon was.  I think she could be a great teacher someday. 
Kalina continues to receive speech therapy and OT/PT at school.  Thanks to her awesome therapists, she is making great progress. 

I was fortunate to be able to help Mrs. Hadreas and the class.  I enjoyed working with the students and seeing them grow and learn throughout the year.

Kalina is excited to go to second grade with Peggy next year.  I can’t wait to see how much she grows and learns. 

Welcome back night.
Ready for school.

First day of first grade.

First bus ride of the year.
Kalina in the hay maze at Reminger Farms.
Dolphin Dash, here I come!

Kalina's class at the Dolphin Dash.

What a fun day!

Kalina and Peggy.

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  1. Glad she enjoyed her first grade year! My kids & I also loved the Magic Tree House books. Hope she continues to enjoy learning!